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Well this is embarrassing, after launching this blog in 2009 promising stories and tech info from my adventures throughout New Zealand and across the world, I have posted a mere few blogs. Big apologies! My idea behind starting my blog was to make an avenue available for me to share my adventures and lessons learned  in the field. While I get to travel to areas of my own country and to parts of the world that others don’t get to see and bring imagery back for my primary job as Editor/Photographer of New Zealand Surfing Magazine this publication only allows a small portion of the imagery I shoot and the experiences and situations I face to see the light of day. So with that in mind I wanted to publish these moments that I’ll treasure forever in digital form, perhaps entertain or open ones eyes, or even pass on something from what I’ve learnt, that others may benefit from. Or if I ever get Alzheimer’s and forget what I’ve done I can go back read for myself and it will be like a new adventure all over again. Sadly in the last couple of years to be brutally honest I have just been to bloody busy to spend time on blogs and websites, many companies and publications I work with overseas cannot believe I don’t have a website. Apparently to be a photog these days you need a site, blog, facebook, twitter, and Instagram, and if you don’t have them you aren’t a real modern day photog! WELL EXCUSE ME, I’ve been a little busy actually working, which is a good thing, but as of today I will be making a concerted effort to keep my experiences, adventures, imagery I have been working on up to date, so stay tuned, I just may become a real photog after all, haha..

After swimming across a freezing cold South Island estuary with my 300mm F 2.8 and Canon 1Dmk4 inside the hopefully watertight pelican case, I set up amongst my mates to capture a unique angle. Frame Grab courtesy of: Damon Meade

My angle of Dunedin surfer Leroy Rust from my perch amongst a seal colony.
Photo: ©Cory.


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