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Im blogging, but why?

Welcome to my blog. After running blogs for the magazine I work for New Zealand surfing magazine for a few years now, where we run material that wont make the glossy pages or material that falls between the print deadlines and needs to be out at a certain time. As a photographer in my chosen field of work I am lucky that I get to travel to many different destinations domestically and internationally, some of these are very isolated and the adventures associated with the shoot are breath taking, amazing and also life changing. Aside from those experiences each location and subject is a photographic learning curve, each shoot constantly refines my technique, equipment needed and used. I am constantly asked by other photographers and viewers “How did you get that shot?” In the last few years I have been doing a bit of guest speaking at schools and photographic groups, audiences are left in awe of what I go through to get the shots I chase. So that got me thinking, after constantly getting told I should release a book ( We’ll I’m not quite ready for that yet) I thought with all the adventures not only on big trips but also the day to day happenings of my job, that a blog would be the perfect medium to present a few experiences, tales and tech tips to help out budding photographers achieve better results to preserve precious memories. So stay tuned, blogs will be flowing.

Man Vs Nature

cultural experiences, another side of life. Seaweed harvesting, Timor.


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